Beginner Novice (BN) is an AKC Optional Titling class that combines skills from both Rally and Competition Obedience.  Learn the exercises needed to earn the AKC Beginner Novice title.  Work on exercise components, build exercises, and review rules and ring procedures, common errors, and problem solving.  Run-throughs will be the last week of class.

Prerequisites for enrollment in the AKC Beginner Novice Ring Ready class are applicable to each dog seeking enrollment in the class:

The dog and handler team must have:
1.    Passed a CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen) test
2.    Completed either the Advanced Class at TCKC and/or the Rally Novice Class at TCKC
3.    The recommendation of the class trainer from either the Advanced or Rally Novice class that the dog and handler have adequately mastered the skills listed in that classes End of Session Objectives, along with possessing the social skills required for participation in the Competition Obedience Program


The dog and handler must be evaluated by the AKC Beginner Novice Ring Ready trainer and/or a Competition Obedience Committee member prior to registration to determine if the dog and handler team possess the skills needed for participation.

Skills needed for participation in Beginner Novice:

1.    Dog is mannerly and does not jump or lunge as a stranger approaches or when walking among people and/or dogs
2.    Dog can sit quietly for petting
3.    Dog accepts social handling without resistance (touching head, shoulders, rear, paws)
4.    Dog can walk with handler on a loose lead
5.    Dog responds to a verbal Sit command 90% of the time on the first command
6.    Dog can quietly maintain a 1 minute Sit Stay with the handler facing the dog at the end of the lead
7.    Dog can perform a Sit for Exam by handler
8.    Dog demonstrates a prompt and willing recall from the end of a 6 ft lead to front position with a sit
9.    Dog is beginning to develop rear-end awareness (backup, spins/twists, small circles)
10.    Dog is beginning to develop active attention on handler when heeling and maintain correct heel position
11.    Dog and handler can perform Left Turn, Right Turn, and About Right Turn while maintaining heel position
12.    Dog and handler can perform change of pace (normal, fast, slow) while maintaining heel position
13.    Dog and handler can perform an automatic tuck sit on halt during heeling
14.    Dog and handler can perform an around behind finish and/or swing left finish
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